School History

The school was built on the Orielton Estate in 1873 and comprises the original school building, the old school house, detached classrooms, the hall and two portacabins.

The seagull has been adopted as the school emblem and used on the school badge since the 1950’s.

‘Seagull Billy’ was written by a teacher at the school at the turn of the century.  This book was republished by the school in 1994 and all pupils were presented with a copy by the PTA.  All new entrants are also given a copy when available (see Information Pack.)

The school has also published ‘The Secret Diary of Orielton School Aged 121 1/2’ which uses the school log books from the last century as its information source.  A permanent photo gallery with over 250 photographs dated from 1892 to the present day is situated in the Old School House stairway, showing pupils, teachers and events.

Over 250 photographs are housed in the Seagull Billy Gallery depicting Orielton School pupils and staff from 1892 to the present day.