9th December 2015

Dear Parents / Carers

As you may remember the County Council was due to make a decision on the consultation for the review of education in the Angle Peninsula at the council meeting in December.

We've been informed that this has been delayed and will not happen until at least January 2016.

Please see the explanation below for the delay.

"Following a review of potential options for the Angle Peninisula which was considered by Council in May 2015, the preferred option was identified as the establishment of a new school for the peninsula on a site in Hundleton. A list of "preferred", "possible", and "discounted" options were published as part of the Consultation Document in September 2015. In parallel, Property Services were asked to investigate the feasibility of various sites and this resulted in a preferred site in Hundleton being identified (preferred due to topography and potential availability). The Council's architects have undertaken initial site and ground investigation works, confirming that a potential new building scheme is possible , subject to planning , Council and Welsh Government approval. This has led to negotiations with the landowners for the purchase of the site by the Council. At the time of writing, such negotiations are ongoing; however, it is anticipated that these will be completed in time for consideration by Council in January."

This is disappointing as we all have been waiting for the council decision and a delay makes this process even longer.

Yours sincerely 

Clive Condon

Exec. Headteacher

Angle VC, Orielton CP & Stackpole VC