26th February 2015

Dear Parents / Guardians

Our Eisteddfod home craft this year is 'Daffodils (and/or) Leeks'. Children are invited to create anything to depict something from the theme in any medium they choose. The home craft entry will be judged in year groups. Children working with parents or adults to create their home craft entry is permitted. Part of the judging criteria is how much time and effort the children have put into their entry. Therefore, to assist the judges in judging the home craft more fairly we would ask if the parents indicate how much time children and adults have worked directly on their entry (expressed as a percentage or ratio). For example if both child and adult have spent equal amount of time directly working on their home craft, please attach a late that says 50% child and 50% adult. Please make this label visible for the judges, but their name label hidden. entries to be ready and bought in on Monday 2nd March. I hope this is clear and will allow the judges to judge more fairly. Please see the class teacher if you are unsure.

Our school Eisteddfod will be held on Monday 2nd March. Children can dress in a traditional / modern welsh costume on this day. There will be a photographer coming from the Western Telegraph and from the Pembrokeshire Herald to take a group school photo.

The will be a music recital in the morning followed by a Welsh themed lunch (lamb & mint burgers, & snowden cake) and our Eisteddfod celebrations and judging in the afternoon. Parents are invited to the winner and instruments celebrations on Wednesday 4th March starting at 9.30am.

It is also World Book day on the 6th March. We are panning literacy and book activities between the 2 classes on this day and the School Council are inviting children, if they wish to come into school dressed as a character from a book / comic which has been made into a film.

Lastly Comic Relief, Red Nose Day, is on Friday 13th March. Orielton School and the School Council are promoting and supporting the charity by inviting the children to dress up to reflect the theme of 'Circus'. We are asking children to bring in £2 per family as a donation. If any parents would also like to help raise extra money for the charity by perhaps baking cakes to sell that would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for all your support

Best wishes

Mr T Reed