13th March 2015

Dear Parents / Carers

We have been informed by Pembrokeshire County Council that the funding that we receive for the Breakfast Club at the school is going to change. Until now we have been funded for the length of time that the Breakfast Club runs, from the end of this term we will only be given part funding for the club.

In order to keep the club running as it is we therefore will have to start charging for the Breakfast Club, there will be a weekly charge of £5 per child. This is the lowest fee that we can charge to keep the club open.

May I remind all parents that school does not officially open to children until 15 minutes before the start of the school day and therefore children should not arrive on the school premises until that time. If you drop your child off before then they must be in Breakfast Club, whether they have breakfast or not.

This is not a choice that we have made willingly but a reaction to a change in policy by Pembrokeshire County Council.

Please complete the slip if you would like your child to be part of the Breakfast Club.

Yours sincerely 

Clive Condon

Exec. Headteacher