3rd March 2015

Dear Parent / Carer

On Friday of last week I attended a meeting with Kate Evan-Hughes, Director if Education, regarding the proposals for education on the Angle Peninsula. As a result of this meeting I have been asked to share with you the following information.

It had been hoped that the outcome of the preliminary consultation would go to full council in March, however, as one of the options that received support was the proposal of a new school to replace the three schools, further feasibility work is required to ensure that if the council made this recommendation there would be a suitable site.

The council has identified a capital sum of money to build the school, but this is precautionary and does not pre-empt the outcome of any statutory consultation.

The revised timetable is set below

  1. May 14th - Report to Council with findings and conclusions from preliminary consultation and recommendation on next steps
  2. If recommendation to proceed to change is approved, commence statutory consultation in September / October
  3. December 2015 - Report to Council with finding s and conclusions from statutory consultation and recommend to publish statutory notice.
  4. Publication of statutory notice early January 2016, with subsequent 28 day objection period
  5. May 2016 - report to Council to include Objection Report and recommendation to determine proposal

Using this timetable the recommendation will be put to the council on May 14th 2015. If the council decide there is to be a change then the final decision will be made in May 2016.

Until May 2016 the three school will continue in the current arrangement, with an executive headteacher.

It is disappointing that the date has changed from March tp May 2015 but we have now been given a definite time table.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Clive Condon                      J Allen-Mirehouse

         Headteacher                                                      Chair of Governors