15th May 2015

Dear Parents / Carers

Last night there was a meeting of parents, staff and governors of the three schools regarding the Review of Education in the Angle Peninsula.

Pembrokeshire County Council has now made a formal recommendation that will go forward to statutory consultation.

The recommendation is;

"That the Director for Children and Schools be authorised to commence statutory consultation on the proposal to discontinue Angle VC School, Orielton CP School and Stackpole VC School and establish a new 3-11 Voluntary Controlled English medium school for the Angle Peninsula."

As far as we are aware the Statutory Consultation would start in September / October 2015 and end May 2016. If the recommendation is then formally approved the new school building would be open in September 2017. Until the new school is ready to be occupied the three schools would continue to be run on their existing sites.

The following issues were raised at the meeting:-

Where would the new school be built?

There was concern over the location of a new school; there were a number of sites mentioned as possible options; Chapel Farm, Castleton Farm, a site in Maiden Wells, land at Stackpole School, a site in Stackpole and a site in Hundleton. There were concerns that some of these sites were not in a community at all, that some were possibly on the side of very busy roads and that in some cases there was no specific location given i.e. Hundleton, which makes it very difficult to assess whether that would be a good location.


There were concerns that in some of the options the amount of time that children from the more remote areas would have to spend in bus was not acceptable. Would it be possible to arrange a shuttle bus rather than one which went round to all locations.


Was the environmental impact on a new build being considered compared to the remodelling of one of the existing sites?

School size / ethos

It was felt that a new school would attract new children and that this might cause the school to grow beyond the forecast capacity of 120 pupils. This could mean that the new school would not retain the same small village/ rural ethos that was such an important element for all parents,

Falling pupils numbers

If the number of pupils available to the new school falls beyond predictions would the new school be cancelled before it could be completed? Will the three schools continue to be supported until the new school is ready to be occupied?


Would places at the new school be guaranteed for the existing school populations and for those parents who have already applied for Admission to one of the schools would their admission requests be automatically transferred over to the new school.

ederation but retaining three / two sites

Have options 6a and 6b now been discounted? Or will they  still be presented as possible options in the Statutory Consultation?


urrently Stackpole School has a playgroup which is a very important part of the school. Would a new school be able to provide space for this to continue?


Would the new school retain the current staff of the three schools or would anyone be able to apply for the posts created in a new school?

hen the statutory consultation begins another meeting will be organised for the three schools.

We do urge people to make sure that they take part in the Statutory Consultation because that will be the opportunity for them to have their opinions considered.

A copy of this letter will be sent to the Director for Children and Schools, we hope that will be able to give further information on the points raised.

Yours sincerely

Clive Condon

Executive Headteacher