24th June 2015

Dear Parent,

For our annual school trip this year, Class 1 will be visiting Folly Farm on Thursday 2nd July. We will be leaving school at approximately 9.15am and will be back in school by the end of the normal school day. Transport will be provided by the school mini bus. The children will need to bring with them a packed lunch and a drink. If you require a packed lunch from the school canteen, please ensure that Mrs Taylor has been informed prior to this visit. Only a small carton of orange juice is provided with the school packed lunch, therefore an additional drink will be required.

We are hoping to learn more about the animals via the scheduled activities that take place each day, including feeding the animals. For that reason the children will have the opportunity to plan there day in their groups during school next week. We will also be making use of the other entertainment facilities on the Farm.

The cost of this visit will be £5.50 per child. This can be paid at any time from now up until the day before the trip. There will be an opportunity during the day for the children to purchase an ice cream. Therefore spending money (no more than £3 per child) can be brought to school in a labelled envelope which is to be handed to the teacher for safe keeping.

Suitable clothing will be required , i.e trainers or flat shoes, school gym kit or school uniform, and due to our Pembrokeshire weather  a small raincoat which can be easily folded and kept in a bag would be advisable.

To enable your child to take part in the above visit, please sign your permission slips and return to school as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully