3rd September 2015

Dear Parents/ Guardians

Throughout the year Classes 1 & 2 will receive homework. The homework could be of various types but will often reflect work and activities that has been approached in class.

Homework is very useful for children to help consolidate work undertaken in class, to research and encourage further learning and knowledge and for children to learn the discipline of continuing work in their own time. The homework set will always be manageable and appropriate for the age group or child and will often have a flexible time span to be handed in. Assistance by family members is perfectly acceptable. Please also remember that homework is voluntary and we understand that many children / parents have commitments to clubs and other events after school. Children are never penalised for not doing homework, only encouraged to do it when they do have the time and opportunity at home. The children receive class rewards for completing homework activities.

There are a range of homework activities either already available or on-going for the children, these can include reading, computer internet software and apps (Mathletics, reading Eggs, Skoolbo) and also Learning Logs or 'Glogs' in Class 2. Learning Logs and their 'hand in date' are set at the discretion of the teacher and agreed with the children, but are flexible.

In Class 2 the set homework activities will include reading, maths activities, times tables, English activities, spellings as well as topic based activities when opportunities arise. These are generally set on a weekly basis and children are given the opportunity each day to write their homework reminder in their homework diaries. The children have also been given homework books for written homework and to collect homework sheets. We encourage the children to look after and bring their homework diary back and forth to school each day. This diary can also be used by parents and guardians to convey notes to the teacher.

Reading practice is very important for children and children should aim to try and read every night if possible. The children have reading records in school to track their reading. At home we encourage children to have their homework diary signed by a parent or guardian each time they read, the children receive class rewards for doing this.

In Class 1 the weekly set homework activities will include reading and spelling (when spelling groups have been set up).

Thank you for your understanding in homework matters and if there are any concerns about homework please see the class teacher.

Best Wishes

Mr T Reed