8th January 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians

Classes 1 and 2 have been using ClassDojo during school. This is a free web app that is available for the children and parents. Class Dojo has lots of different features. Children are using Class Dojo to 'Check in" during the day keeping a record of how they are feeling about school. Also we are adding different events, photos, achievements and information about school and letters in a Class Dojo Story.

Everything we put up into Class Dojo will be accessible to parents through the Class Dojo website or on an app for smart phones, i pads and other tablets. However, for you to access all this interesting and important information you have to sign up yourself on Class Dojo. When the parents sign up with a special parent code (ask your class teacher) then they will have access to their child's 'Checking In' history and all of the Class Dojo Story. This also unlocks certain features for the child, such as being able to change the appearance of their avatar on their school account and adda profile to themselves.

Class Dojo is secure in as much as only parents of the children can view their own child's 'Checking In' history. And only parents of the school can view our Class Story.

Signing up helps us add one more pathway for communication of different events and information about what's happening in school. It is easy and free to sign up and it would help your child by allowing them to promote their activities and achievements in school.

On a  computer visit www.classdojo.com/parent

Happy New Year and thanks for your support.

Mr Reed