1st February 2016

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Spring term is nearly half way through and we are already gearing up for St David's day and our normal Eisteddfod competitions. There is more information below on our homecraft competition this year.

Dropping off times; Breakfast Club starts at 8.10am, so children who are registered for breakfast club can be dropped at the school hall from that time onwards where they will be supervised by the school breakfast club staff. Children who are not registered with Breakfast Club should not be on the school grounds until 8.50am when a member of staff goes on duty. (If you want to register for the Breakfast Club then please ask our secretary Mrs Harries for more information). The school day starts at 9.10am for the children when they are brought into class.

Following recent guidelines on Child Protection we have been reminded that unaccompanied adults should not be allowed in to school buildings. The cloak room /corridor area is fine in the mornings if dropping a child off, but if parents /guardians would like to speak to the class teacher could they go to the office first and Mrs Harries will either pass on a message or arrange for the teacher to speak to the parent at a convenient time. Mrs Harries is often able to deal with questions herself. Also as i'm sure you are aware classrooms are busty first thing in the morning with staff and pupils coming and going so it's not really a private space for an individual meeting.

The school secretary is available from 8.50am in the school office to take care of any administerial matters that parents may have. The meals clerical, who sorts out dinner money is still off unfortunately. If you are concerned about dinner money please contact the school office.

This year's Eisteddfod homecraft theme is castles. Children are invited to create anything to depict something from the theme in any medium they choose. The homecraft will be judged in year group . Children working together with parents or adults to create their homecraft entry is permtted. pArt of the judging criteria is how much time and effort the children have put into their entry. Therefore, to assist the judges in judging the homecraft more fairly we would ask if the parents could indicate how much time children and adults have worked directly on their entry (expressed as a percentage or ratio). For example, if both chold and parent have spent equal amount of time directly working on their homecraft, please attach a label that says 50% child: 50% adult. Please make this label visible for the judges, but their name label should be hidden. Entries can be brought in on Monday 29th February or Tuesday 1st March. This will allow the judges to judge more fairly. Please contact the school office if you are unsure.

Our School Eisteddfod celebrations will be held on St David's Day, Tuesday 1st March. Children can dress in traditional/ modern Welsh costume on this day. There will be a photographer coming from the Western Telegraph and the Pembrokeshire Herald to take a group school photo. There will be a music recital in the morning followed by a Welsh themed lunch and our Eisteddfod celebrations & judging in the afternoon. Parents are invited to the winner and instruments concert on Friday 4th March starting at 9.30am and also a viewing of the children's homecraft after school on Tuesday 1st March.

Also it is World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March. We are planning literacy and book activities between the two classes on this day and inviting children to come into school dressed in a Star Wars theme such as a character from the books or films.

Just a reminder, the National Tests in Literacy and Numeracy that every child has to undertake will take place between 3rd-10th May.

The Urdd residential trip for Years 5 and 6 takes place on Monday 18th April - Wednesday 20th April 2016. All deposits must be paid no later than Friday 5th February 2016 (£75) The balance will need to be paid by Friday 25th March. Your child will also need to be a member of the Urdd. If you have not yet joined the Urdd then there will be an additional payment of £7.50. Any questions regarding payments please contact Mrs Harries in the school office.

We have been very please with the take up of Class Dojo, photographs of activities and events will be shared with parents in the 'Class Story' section. If you haven't signed up for this service then please contact Mrs Harries for more information. Class Dojo also has the opportunity for parents/ guardians to comment on the information that is sent out. If you have a specific message though, or a querry for example pupil sickness, lunch money, homework or space on the bus etc then please contact Mrs Harries in the office.

At the moment Year 3 and 4 are swimming on Tuesday mornings, after half term it will be Years 5 and 6 swimming lessons once again. After Easter break Years 2, 3 and 4 will resume their swimming lessons for the whole of the summer term.

Class 2 have organised two class trips. The first is to Pembroke Castle on Wednesday 10th February and the second to Castell Hellys on Monday 7th March 2016.

Dates for your diary

  • Friday 5th February                Sladen Gala for swim team
  • Wednesday 10th February    Class 2 trip to Pembroke Castle
  • Thursday 11th February          Class 1 (full time pupils only) Chinese New Year at Stackpole School
  • Monday 15th February           School closed for one week - half term
  • Monday 22nd February         Back to school
  • Tuesday 23rd February         Years 5 & 6 swimming
  • Tuesday 1st March                 School Eisteddfod
  • Thursday 3rd March              World Book Day - Star Wars Theme
  • Friday 4th March                   Winners Eisteddfod & Instruments. Parents invited starts at 9.30am
  • Monday 7th March                Class 2 trip to Castell Henllys
  • Wednesday 9th March         Concert at Warren Church starting at 7pm, parents welcome
  • Monday 14th March              Yr 6 pupils - Drug Awareness Talk at Angle Village Hall
  • Thursday 17th March             Pembroke School concert for Year 6 transition, parents welcome
  • Friday 25th March                 School closed - Good Friday Bank Holiday
  • Tuesday 12th April                Back to School
  • Monday 18th April                 Urdd residential trip for Years 5 & 6
  • Wednesday 27th April          Bluestone Photography - Class Photos
  • Tuesday 3rd May                  National Test Start
  • Friday 27th May                   INSET Day

Yours sincerely 

T Reed