11th March 2016

Dear Parent

Sports Relief begins on Friday 18th March. Orielton's School Council would like to invite children from both classes to join in with dance activities and events that will take place in school on Friday.

There will be different dance workshops and events organised by the School Council through the day and also activities to raise awareness of the charity. Your child is invited to come into school in suitable 'street dancing clothes' (games kit!) and also offer a donation of £2 towards the Sports Relief charity.

For your information, Maisie Davey (Class 1) has been asked to perform in a special dance event in Disneyland, Paris  in April 2017. She is fundraising to help with her trip. If any parents would like to donate towards Maisie's special event or would like more information please see her mum or contact the school office and ask for Mrs Phillips, Miss James or Mrs Hay.

Many thanks

Orielton School Council