Ethos and values


We aim to create a happy, caring, stimulating and purposeful environment with mutual respect for all within the school community, encouraging the children to achieve their full potential academically, socially and physically.   Within this atmosphere our broad aims are:-

  • to help develop lively, enquiring minds,

  • and the ability to question and argue rationally

  • to enable pupils to apply themselves to tasks

  • to develop pupils’ physical skills

  • to help pupils acquire knowledge and skills relevant to adult life, employment and leisure

  • to enable our pupils to become literate and numerate

  • to instil respect for moral values and tolerance of other races, religion and ways of life

  • to help pupils to understand the world in which they live and the inter-dependence of individual groups and nations

  • to help pupils to appreciate human achievements and aspirations

  • to forge links with parents, governors and the community


These aims will:-

  •      help pupils develop into co-operative children who are happy, cheerful, enthusiastic and eager to succeed
  •     enlarge and develop the child’s knowledge, experience and skills so that he or she becomes a valuable contributor to society
  •    provide quality activities and experiences that are purposeful and worthwhile, which will provide children with a sense of achievement
  •  ensure that children know how to behave with care, courtesy, good manners and are respectful of people and property
  •   help children grow in independence and self-reliance as they progress through the school.